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Working of Srishti

Project Management

System involves Core Management Group Comprising Associates. From time to time, and as per project dictates, competent/relevant expert services as also petty assignment executors are hired. All managerial control is based on self set goal in sync with program goals. Also job descriptions are created, reviewed and updated from time to time. A penal system of internal memos, contractual default is in place.
Other systems match any small size enterprise such as: 

  • Line of responsibility and Chain of Command:
  • Delegation of powers:
  • De-centralization:
  • Line and Staff relationship:
  • Coordination
  • Monitoring and evaluation:

In house system for imparting training to personnel in their area of core competency
Srishti strongly believe in participatory management, development and training paradigms. 
The organization has an in house system of data collection, data analysis and project formulation.
Consultants are hired for preparation of project proposal 
Researchers from well educated academic and research institutes are hired for field survey and monitoring of projects / programs
The field staff reports to Program Coordinators who report to Program Director
The Executive Director has direct interaction with Program Directors and field staff 
The Executive Director is responsible for management of program / projects however he is supported by Board of Advisors and Consultants 

Financial Management
We follow the standard system of normal accounting management Forecasting/Budget

  • Accounting - Actual records of transactions
  • Analysis of Budget against Accounts
  • Auditing
  • Analysis of audit objections and compliance thereof

The Financial Accounting system has the following hierarchical pattern Manager Accounts/Finance

  • Accounts Officer
  • Accountants
  • Assistants

A Chartered Accountant firm is the overall auditing agency internally. Headed by a Chartered Accountant, it has auditors to audit on site and in office for the organization. We have our accounting done on Tally presently but in house software is being prepared which would give us more control on several, geographically apart and different activities.