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Thrust Areas of Society

bullets  Social Development 
bullets  Promoting Democratic Values and Political Awareness among masses
bullets  Rural Development through Appropriate Rural Business models based on Technologies and Management Principles
bullets  Education & Training
bullets Research and Survey including Action Research, PRA & Policy Implication Studies, Impact Assessment Studies
bullets  Health & Family Welfare
bullets  Policy Advocacy
bullets  Digital Empowerment
Future Plan of Society
  • To launch, a non political web portal housing the websites of elected representatives of the country.
  • Developing indigenous, holistic, sustainable and replicable business models suitable for specific backward regions of the country, based on their natural resources, technology interventions, management principles and marketing linkages including social & rural marketing.
  • Studies for Monitoring, Evaluation and Policy Implementation.
  • Establishment of a National Institute and Training Center for non-farm sector activities and modern agriculture
  • To promote rural and cultural tourism by sensitizing and  empowering the people towards tourism and concomitant benefits.
Objectives of the Society
SRISHTI envisages a development mission of participatory nature with establishment of multidimensional and interdisciplinary programs empowering people by bringing in a change in their political, social and cultural value systems.

To bring about economic upliftment and a more egalitarian society through programs based on technology transfer, education and training, which encourages scientific temper, and managerial skills, resulting in replicable and sustained livelihood models.

To device innovative and synergised interventions in diverse areas of social import where traditional or unilateral effort has been unproductive or where need for fresh look at the institutions or issues is imperative.

To make effort in realizing the rights and entitlements of vulnerable, deprived, and marginalized communities.
Rationale of Society
To meet the challenges of emerging political and social scenario in the 21st Century and to optimally utilize the new opportunities, the society needs vigorous result-oriented interdisciplinary efforts, of nature and scale, rarely found before.