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Technology Transfer

Client / Funding: Council of Science & Technology, UP
Year of Start: 1995
Year of completion: 1996
Project Area:
Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal

  A Technology Transfer project, Srijan Se Shakti was designed to carry the message to the beneficiary about a paradigm shift in the economy base of the lowest of the lowest in the Indian society – the flayer in the villages of India – by exposing him to the technology which could prevent the colossal financial loss due to non recovery of total carcass of the fallen animal.

Achievements: a select group of 50 grass root leather workers in 4 districts of UP and Uttaranchal were identified for extensive orientation training and skill development regarding the lifting and flaying of carcass and 100% carcass utilization. With latest technology from Central Leather Research Institute as the key to the complete program, communication package was designed to include traditional modes by puppetry and music and modern technology of video films and OHPs to educate the candidates in a seven day residential program for each city. Even basic management skills were taught to them. The objective was to prepare a sizable group of trainers who would be used to spread the message of the new technology.