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Research and Survey

Funding Partner:  : Ministry of Non-conventional energy resources, Govt. of India, NEDA
Year  : 1997
Coverage Area : All India – with specific reference to UP and Uttaranchal 
Achievements : It was an effort to find out the energy consumption profile, assessing generation and consumption of agriculture residues and estimating the calorific value for conversion into electricity, of selected villages and towns in Sandila Tehsil of Hardoi District. SRISHTI conducted the research project on Bio Mass Assessment Survey in Sandila Tehsil, District Hardoi. U.P. during 1996-97. The survey involved 500 rural households, 50 industries and 70 villages. It covered all the developmental blocks in tehsil. The study has estimated the generation of bio-mass (crop, residues, agro industrial waste, municipal waste, forestry and animal husbandry waste etc), its present use, possible commercial utilization, surplus availability and feasibility of obtaining surplus for sustained availability for running a power plant (gas fire based technology) at tehsil level. 

The study was comprehensive with slant towards finding out the scope for non conventional energy sources in these areas. The report submitted by SRISHTI had a landmark effect on the future policies of NEDA and bio mass energy recovery in rural sector became an important component in the energy profile of any place in the state. 

Client : Kanpur Development Authority
Year  : 1999
Achievements : With a view to develop an alternative religious tourism centre in UP when  Haridwar and Rishikesh went to Uttrakhand after the partition of Uttar PradeshKanpur Development Authority wanted to study the possibility of developing Bithoor into a religious and tourist centre on the bank of river Ganges in UP. . SRISHTI did an exhaustive study of the region and came up with strategic, tactical and action plan for making Bithoor a religious cum tourist cum commercial hub. This proposal was jointly forwarded by SRISHTI and its sister concern to the Central Government and funds were released for the development of the area which was undertaken by KD