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bullets Training Booklet New Leather Technology (1995)
bullets Socio-Economic Status of Leather Workers in U.P. (1996)
bullets Leather: A Humane Approach (1997)
bullets Development of Leather Industry in U.P. and Role of Cooperatives (1997)
bullets Leather Industry in India With Special Reference to U.P. (1997).
bullets Status Report on Non-Farm Sector in U.P. (1997)
bullets Status Report on handicrafts in U.P. (1997)
bullets Application of Science & Technology In Leather Industry in U.P. (1998)
bullets Bio-mass Resource Development in Uttar Pradesh (1999)
bullets Environmental Marketing in India (1998)
bullets Ecological Movements in India (1999)
bullets Rural Marketing in India: (1999)
bullets Emerging Trends & Challenges (2000)
bullets Sustainable Development: Emerging Trends & Challenges (2001)
bullets Plight of Rural Artisans: A Case of Potters in Chinhat Pottery, Lucknow (2001)
bullets Strategic Management of Livestock and Fallen Carcass in Bundelkhand Region
bullets Training Manuals in Vernacular languages for HIV AIDS