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Name of Donor: Self with financial & technical associates
Year of start: 2009
It the most ambitious project of Srishti and it sets out to provide three different stake holders a platform which brings digital empowerment to all of them. (JPC) is a multi-lingual umbrella portal which will house almost 25000 websites of current and ex-MLAs and MPs of the country. IT needs to be used for a brand new transparent, neutral and equal opportunity initiative for the elected representative, his people and his constituency, an interactive platform tool between leader and leader, people and leader and people and people.

Present day cynicism about the politicians has arisen to a new height and neither there is a media nor any political compulsions which allows any platform for the legislator to put forth his case. The absence of such a media platform not only increases disillusionment but also encourages non performers to be clubbed with the real leaders. Consequently even a well meaning representative will make effort to woo his electorate just before the election.

There is no permanent chronicle of the elected representative. There is no place where he can talk of his dream and his effort, where he can proclaim to be one with his people and their aspirations. There is no place where he learns from his peer group, be evaluated for his performance and be inspired to perform.

Srishti is enabling democracy to find a new medium called Information Technology as its vehicle for strengthening the democratic values, processes and ideals in a positive way.