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Name of the Donor: UNAID, UNDP
Year: Feb-July 2007
Area of Coverage: Pilot at Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Based on simple logic that to prevent AIDS, we should help the people who are most vulnerable to it. And to help them we need people, who are their first point of contact in the society, the Police and Community Togetherness Program was designed, an experiment to know to what extent and in what way we may bring the prey and their nemesis together for a cause. 

The project envisages the awareness drives and policy advocacy among the entire police force sensitizing them importance of combating the HIV pandemic and to provide leadership and support to agencies working on HIV prevention care and support to those infected through an effective institutional mechanism for logistic, communication and training support to the personnel at all levels of their interaction with society. The police force has a unique inter-face with some of the most HIV/AIDS susceptible and vulnerable social groups namely sex workers and the trafficked victims. The illegal and immoral nexus, which rules this segment, is impenetrable by social organizations and citizen societies etc. The project envisages the mobilization of the police personnel to not only assist in spreading the message of prevention of HIV/AIDS but also by providing assistance to the voluntary organization in identifying these groups, reaching out to them, checking them for HIV/AIDS, help in various awareness drives, rehabilitation of HIV/AIDS victims and extending support in establishing self help groups to sustain and replicate the movement. The men in uniform can also be helpful in prevention of HIV/AIDS in some of the most vulnerable groups viz. the truckers, illegal squatters, migrant population etc.