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SRISHTI envisages a development mission of participatory nature with establishment of multidimensional and interdisciplinary programs empowering people by bringing in a change in their political, social and cultural value systems.

To bring about economic upliftment and a more egalitarian society through programs based on technology transfer, education and training, which encourages scientific temper, and managerial skills, resulting in replicable and sustained livelihood models. 

To device innovative and synergised interventions in diverse areas of social import where traditional or unilateral effort has been unproductive or where need for fresh look at the institutions or issues is imperative. 


opportunity with srishti
Srishti is an equal opportunity work environment having a participatory work culture. It encourages original and lateral thinking for finding solutions to issues which prevail in the society and nature. It is always on the lookout for people who would like to make a difference to their world. If you have the desire to serve and to be rewarded in more than one way please.
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Our Projects

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(Police And Community Togetherness)
Based on simple logic that to prevent AIDS, we should help the people who are most vulnerable to it. And to help them ...
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Srijan Se Shakti
Though clubbed as a Technology Transfer project, Srijan Se Shakti was designed to make a paradigm shift in the economy base of the lowest of the lowest in the Indian society – the flayer in the villages of India – by exposing him to the technology ...
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It the most ambitious project of Srishti and it sets out to provide three different stake holders a platform which brings digital empowerment to all of them. (JPC) is a multi-lingual umbrella portal which will house...
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